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About us

PASSAN is a family business established in 1991.

In the very beginning of the activity, our company was specialized in production one, basic product – fringes, and providing knitting services. Then, over the years, our offer was extended according to the Customers’ needs and requirements.

    Nowadays, PASSAN is respected within Polish and European market haberdashery producer. Our annual production is about    25 000 000 meters of haberdashery. Modern machinery and qualified staff provide our Customers with high-quality products and reliable services. Gained experience, developed potential of producing and highest-quality materials allow us to cooperate with many Customers in Poland and abroad.

  In order to complete our offer and maintain reasonable prices, PASSAN apart from production activity, is also a haberdashery importer.

  Our offer includes: Tiebacks, Tassels, Pom Pom Trims, decorative Tassels Fringes, Beaded Trims, Textile-Metallic Braids, Leonine Braids, decorative Cords, Metallic Cords, Elastic Laces, Elastics, Floral Ribbons, Acrylic Beads, Flock Beads, Pearl Beads, Pompons, String Curtains, Cotton Laces and Metallic Yarns.

We are also able to prepare special haberdashery designs upon the Customer’s request (with our own or the Customer’s material.)

PASSAN guarantees convenient terms of cooperation and high-quality products in competitive prices.

 Welcome to cooperate!  


 PASSAN participate in Rzetelna Firma programme.