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Our offer

PASSAN offers:

- haberdashery articles,

- sewing articles,                

- curtain decorations,

- upholstery articles.

We are also able to prepare products upon special request of our Customers.


PASSAN offers a vast range of tiebacks for curtain creasing and interior decorations.You can find here variety of designs: classic tiebacks, beaded tiebacks as well as dozens of modern models.

It is also worth mentioning that PASSAN uses different raw materials to the tiebacks’ production: viscose, natural cotton, polypropylene or polyester. We can be really proud of our last tiebacks collection – MODERN LINE. All included there models are made of glass, aluminum or gold elements, and could be sophisticated and unconventional windows’ decorations.

PASSAN apart from our Polish products, offers also imported tiebacks which are marked by very competitive prices.


Our commercial range comprises over a dozen of tassels designs. There are models made of viscose plaiting, polyester thread or metallic yarn – with sizes from 45mm up to 150mm, in a vast colour range.

Offered by our company tassels are excellent furniture, cushions or lampshades decoration. Variety of designs meet every taste and adorn every composition.

Tassels-ends cords

PASSAN offers tassels-ends cords. There are three sizes: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm available in four basic colours.


Fringes are one of the basic product made by PASSAN. There is vast ranges of design and colours:

- twisted, polypropylene fringes  of the following lengths: 50mm (upon request), 60mm, 80mm and 120mm,

- cut, polypropylene fringes of the following lengths: 40mm, 60mm and 110mm,

- loop fringes made of viscose plaiting of the following lengths: 30mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm,

- twisted fringes made of viscose plaiting – 80mm,

- upholstery, braided fringes  - 120mm,

-  twisted, metallic fringes of the following lengths: 50mm (upon request), 60mm (upon request), 70mm and 100mm,

- twisted metallic fringes of waving shape (70mm up to 200mm)

- cut, cotton fringes of the following lengths: 30mm, 40mm (upon request), 50mm (upon request),

- thick, twisted, cotton fringes of the following lengths: 120mm, 160mm and 200mm,

- chennile fringes – 60mm, 

- cut, acryl fringes of the following lengths: 40mm and 70mm (upon request),

- twisted acryl fringes with spandex – 55mm,

- beaded (glass) fringes on a satin trim – 100mm,

- dancing fringes made of nylon or polyester in vast range of vivid colours available in one length – 300mm

Decorative braids

Our offer includes many delicate knitted and decorative braids. There are tapes for clothes as well as upholstery braids, edge webbings and braids for curtains, lampshades and other garnishes.

Tassel Fringes

PASSAN offers a vast range of tassels fringes. There are cotton, acryl, polypropylene and polyester braids of machinery, as well as hand-work production. All tassels fringes are available in a wide colour range.

Beaded Trim

Our standard offer includes also delicate beads on a satin trim, as well as knitted, sophisticated braids with acrylic beads – all available in a diverse colour range.

Pom Pom Trims – BESTSELLER!

PASSAN offers also a vast range of Pom Pom Trims. There are trims with small edgings as well as trims with balls – 18mm, 40mm, 45mm. Thanks to the innovative technical solutions we are able to offer the highest-quality Pom Pom Trims at a good price.

Metallic Braids

A diverse range of metallic braids made of metallic yarn – MX and braided metallic strings. A special attention shall be put on leonine braids – made of ST metallic yarn.

Textile-metallic braids

Our standard offer includes also textile braids (viscose or polypropylene) decorated with metallic yarns.

Decorative Cords

PASSAN offers a diverse range of decorative cords:

- twisted polypropylene cords – 7mm

- polypropylene cords  (6 strands) – 6mm

- flanged polypropylene cords – 7mm

- viscose cords – 5mm and 8mm

- flanged viscose cords – 5mm and 8mm

- cords for Holy Communion suits

- metallic cords made of MX yarn – 5mm, 7mm, 9mm

- flanged metallic cords made of MX yarn – 7mm

- metallic cords made of ST yarn – 5mm and 8mm

- textile-metallic cords – 2 polypropylene strands, and 1 metallic strand – 7mm

- modern, polyester cords SPE – 8mm, 10mm

- cotton cords – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

- flanged cotton cords – 6mm, 10mm

Metallic Strings

Our offer comprises also a lot of decorative strings design. You can find here:

- viscose cords – 3,2mm (solid and mixed colours)

- metallic flat strings – 3mm

- plaited metallic string (1,5mm – 3mm)

- polypropylene string (2,2mm)

Cotton Laces

PASSAN is a direct importer of cotton laces (7mm – 47mm) available in three basic colours: white, natural and black.

Elastic laces

PASSAN produces decorative, elastic laces (12mm – 18mm). All elastic laces are available in a wide colour range.


PASSAN offers simple elastic tapes, tapes with a synthetic gut and button-holes tapes (18mm – 34mm). Most of our elastic tapes are available in white and black colours.

Floral ribbons

PASSAN produces also a lot of nets which could be an excellent flowers decoration. All of our ribbons are made of various materials and are available in a vast colour range. There are some models especially worth mentioning:

- metallic floral ribbons (48mm – 104mm)

- bistor floral ribbons (46mm – 50mm)

- jute ribbons  (50mm)

- jute meshes  (500mm)


PASSAN is a direct importer of acrylic beads, Our permanent offer includes over a hundred beads designs available in sixteen colours. You can find here:

- bicone beads

- round, faceted beads

- sphere beads

- cube beads

- waterdrop beads

- diamond beads

- fancy beads, e.g. hearts, snowflakes, barocco.

Additionally, we can offer:

- sphere. velvet beads (flocks) of the following sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and available in 15 colours

- pearl beads (perals) – 6mm–16mm – available in over a dozen colours.

Decorative Pompons

PASSAN offers very fluffy and soft pompons (10mm or 20mm – diameter). All of those pompons are available in vast colour range.  

String curtains

Our offer is completed with string curtains. There are two designs available: with tunnel or decorative rings, and a few nice colours.  

To sum up, PASSAN offers: decorative haberdashery, edging trims, sewing additions, curtain decorations, windows decorations, interior decoration elements, upholstery articles, upholstery braids and trims.